May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless us all as we celebrate this new youth ministry that the girls of our community are start-ing and give them the recognition they deserve.

Our God Almighty established the position of women in the world by appointing Virgin Mary to carry and care for His only begotten Son.

Our Lord Jesus Christ followed this by holding His Mother and other women around Him in high esteem. It was these women, that today we call Myrofores, that first received the Good News of the Resurrection and carried it to the rest of the disciples and the whole world.

The Myrofores came to the tomb of Jesus Christ to tend to His Holy Body while the rest of the disciples were in hiding for “the fear of the Jews “. The women were fearless and pre-pared to perform the duty that their love for Christ dictated to them. There were Roman orders that prohibit anyone from going near the Tomb and the penalty for breaking a Roman seal was death. When they arrived at the burial sight the Tomb was open and empty because our Lord, was resurrected, just as He had said.

Today the “Body of Christ” is His Holy Church. Each one of us, each one of the millions of Orthodox people around the world, is a cell of that Body, the Body of Christ, the Orthodox Church. Like all living cells, we carry the Blood of our Lord in us, through the Holy Communion we receive.

The young ladies of our Church for a number of years have commemorated the role of the Myrofores during the Pascha services. We all have observed their serious and dedicated way in performing this blessed mission and we, united as one family, are excitingly proud of them.

However we have been remising in not giving these young ladies a more permanent role in our Church, a role they have earned and deserve. Some day they are going to be the mothers and the teachers of the faithful of the Future. They will be members of the Church Board, the PTA, the Philoptochos and other organizations of the Church. They will work long and hard like their mothers, their grandmothers, their fathers and brothers do. We are all the role models for these young ladies.

Our Myrofores have decided to establish the “Team of the Myrofores”. It will be a group of young ladies, ages 11 through 18+, who will again tend the Body of Christ, by serving His Holy Church.

Just like the Altar Servers help our Clergy behind the Altar and wherever else they are needed, the Team of Myrofores will help the Church Board at the Nave and around the Church during the Liturgies on Sundays and other Feast days.

Some of their services will be to welcome the people into the church and hand out bulletins, assist at the pagari as needed, assist the communicants, pass the collection tray and assist with the Kolyva after the second Liturgy. The girls who wish to read the Epistle are being trained to do so.

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