Priests Who Have Served Our Parish

Rev. George Sakellarios 1906
Rev. Ambrose Paraskakis 1907
Rev. Cyril Papagregoriou 1908; 1919-1920
Rev. Constantine Harmandas 1909
Rev. Vasilios Avramopoulos 1910
Rev. John Papadopoulos 1911
Rev. Constantine Garoufalis 1912; 1918
Rev. Evangelos Zaharas 1913
Rev. Gregory Pantazones 1914
Rev. Constantine Kostopoulos 1915
Rev. Emelianos Georgoulis 1916-1917
Rev. Savas Josephides 1921
Rev. Constantine Kakogianis 1922-1923; 1944
Rev. Peter Stasinopoulos 1924-1925
Rev. Kyriakos Kyriakoy 1925-1926
Rev. George Papagianopoulos 1927
Rev. Constantine Kallinikos 1927
Rev. Nicholas Triantafillou 1928
Rev. Vasilios Daskalakis 1929
Rev. John Tsapatsares 1929
Rev. Nicholas Diamantopoulos 1930
Rev. George Economides 1930-1943
Rev. Nicholas Paleologos 1945-1949
Rev. Constantine Mager 1949-1952
Rev. Alexander Xanthakis (Pastor) 1952-1961
Rev. George Economou (Assistant) 1953
Rev. John Romanides (Assistant) 1954-1957
Rev. Harry Magoulias (Assistant) 1958-1960
Rev. Stanley Harakas (Pastor) 1961-1967
Rev. Nicholas Triantafilou (Assistant) 1963-1965
Rev. Nicholas Nikolopoulos (Assistant) 1965-1966
Rev. George Tsoukalas (Assistant) 1966-1967
Rev. Andrew Demotses (Pastor Emeritus) 1967-2006
Rev. Athanasios Chamberas (Assistant) 1967-1968
Rev. Athanasios Demos (Assistant) 1969-1970
Rev. Theodore Stavrou (Assistant) 1972
Rev. Douglas Papulis (Assistant) 1984-1986
Rev. George Christulides (Assistant) 1986-1989
Rev. Constantine Terss (Assistant) 1990-1992
Rev. Harry Providakes (Assistant) 1993-2004
Rev. Costin Popescu (Assistant) 2004-2006
+ Rev. Christopher P. Foustoukos (Pastor)  2006 >
Rev. Panteleimon Klostri (Assistant) 2007-2009
Rev. Peter Day (Assistant) 2009
Rev. Christopher Moody (Assistant) 2010
Rev. Konstantinos Manetas (Assistant) 2011-2012
Rev. Timothy Curren (Assistant) 2013=2015
Rev. Anthony S. Tandilyan (Assistant) 2015-2019
+ Rev. Ioannis Michaelidis (Assistant) 2019 >

During the period 1971-1984, the following priests served our parish as pastoral assistants at the direction of the diocesan bishop, but without a formal archdiocesan appointment (diorismos):

  • Rev. George Economou
  • Rev. George Tsoumas
  • Rev. Kallistos Samaras
  • Rev. Stanley Markantonis


In 1926, the political struggle in Greece between the royalists and the republicans, as well as the ecclesiastical controversy over the old and new church calendars, led to a split in the community. A dissident group of republican/new calendarists established a new parish dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration. The priests who served this parish were:

  • Rev. Astergios Papastergiou (1926)
  • Rev. Efstathios Georgiades (1927)
  • Rev. Artemios Artemiou (1928)
  • Rev. Gregory Melonadakis (1929)
  • Rev. George Economides (1930)

In 1930, the parishes voted to re-unite, and the Rev. George Economides, then pastor of Holy Transfiguration, was appointed pastor of the newly unified parish of St. Vasilios.

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