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HISTORY: The year was 1990 when the St. Vasilios Church School was asked to put on a religious display for the October Festival. This first display was comprised of just a handful of icons and a handful of books. In the ensuing years it was quickly recognized that there was an over-whelming response of gratitude for this outreach ministry to our parishioners that it was wisely decided to designate the Religious Resource Center as an official organization of St. Vasilios Church.

Under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Chris Foustoukos and his continued encouragement, the Religious Resource Center & Bookstore continues to grow and features many icons, bibles, books, censors, and other religious items for the parishioners to purchase throughout the year for their homes.

Over the years The Religious Resource Center has put into the homes of Orthodox and other denominational Christian homes hundreds of icons, hundreds of spiritual books, liturgical books, and other religious material pertaining to the Orthodox Christian faith. The outreach ministry of the Religious Resource Center was well evidenced by the re-sponse of the people, young and old who feel the yearning to learn and to become educated in the Orthodox Christian faith. People have visited from other parishes and from out of state. During those early Church Festival years, the Religious Resource Center has featured an iconographer, Father Andrew Demotses’ informational exhibits of precious liturgical items, vestments, and icons of our Church. Father Andrew Demotses’ exhortation: that no child or parishioner of St. Vasilios will be deprived of the privilege to obtain and own an icon, bible or other spiritual material from our Church. Thus, the St. Vasilios Religious Resource Center functions as a true vehicle to fulfill this purpose and mission to put into the hands and homes of our faithful pa-rishioners whatever material they may need to sustain and nourish their spiritual needs.

It is hoped that all children of St. Vasilios parish will have in their possession the icon of their baptismal patron saint to treasure and to emulate the tenets of that saint's life that died a martyr's death for the unwavering resolute faith and belief in our Lord Christ Jesus and His Resurrection and promise of eternal life.

For the benefit of the children and the parish the Religious Resource Center was instrumental to establish the Proskinitarion; and in the year 2012, next to the Proskinitarion, the accompanying Icon Panel depicting the feast days of Christ and the Theotokos was installed.

Fr. Chris and the Director are available to assist you with any questions or Resource Material regarding the Orthodox faith.

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