Sports and related activities have always provided a healthy outlet for youthful vigor and enthusiasm. In recent years, however, unfortunate trends in organized sporting activities have been disturbing to many parents. The philosophy of winning, no matter the human cost, and of the survival of the fittest, has meant that only youngsters of exceptional ability enjoy real encouragement and opportunity. Those of lesser natural talent are relegated to the devalued position of bench warmers.

Through our parish athletic program we seek to provide a truly competitive sporting environment which nonetheless reflects Christian values. Since more than 100 boys and girls participate, we are able to form competitive leagues for both boys and girls comprised entirely of parish teams. In this league, winning is important, but it is not everything; all children, regardless of ability, "make" the team and play in each game. Every child is carefully coached to nurture his/her self-image and sense of worth. In this supportive and loving atmosphere, even youngsters with little natural ability make remarkable progress in their skills and self-confidence. A wonderful awards banquet is held at the end of the season at which every child is a "winner" and receives a trophy.

The boys' program is divided into 2 groups (Junior: age 8 through grade 5 and Intermediate: Grade 5 – Grade 9).

The girls group includes all girls age 8 through Grade 9.

(There are also boys and girls high school teams that compete with other churches within the Metropolis).

This year we will be hosting clinics during the first weeks of October to get our kids ready for basketball and to better evaluate the players’ abilities so as to make fair teams for the upcoming season. Immediately following the second week of Clinics the Coaches will be placing the players into teams. Players will perform basketball skills and must come to the Clinics and Games prepared to play.

We will do our best to place siblings on the same team, but cannot accommodate requests for friends and other relatives. We want to promote children making new and lasting friendships with other members of the St. Vasil-ios Family.

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