Becoming an Orthodox Christian

Participating in the sacramental life of the church is essential for every Orthodox Christian. It is important to understand, however, that these sacraments are available to, and shared with, only those who are Orthodox. If you are baptized and/or official confirmed in the Orthodox Church, you are urged to strengthen your faith through frequent reception of the sacraments. At the same time, if you have not been baptized in the Orthodox Church, or have not officially joined the church through the sacrament of confirmation offered in the formal ceremony of reception, we respectfully ask that you refrain from receiving the sacraments, although you are invited to attend the worship of the church.

For those of you among us who are not Orthodox, but who nonetheless feel attracted by, and called to, our ancient traditions of faith and worship, and who might wish to live in a Christian faith sustained and nourished in the Orthodox sacramental life, we assure you of a heartfelt welcome. We consider our faith a priceless treasure and would be pleased to share it with you through the life and fellowship of our parish.

We invite you to participate in an annual course of instruction on the history, teaching, worship and traditions of the Orthodox church. If you are nearing a commitment to becoming Orthodox, are merely contemplating the possibility, or are married to an Orthodox spouse and wish to learn more about our church, this course of study speaks to your special needs. Taught weekly from January until Holy Week each year, it seeks to inform and prepare those who wish to deepen their understanding of our faith. If interested, please feel free to approach a parish priest for further details.

For more information view our Inquirers Study Group page.

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