Towards Authentic Christian Life

The authentic Christian experience consists of preparing ourselves for communion and community. As the Church, the Εκκλησι?α, the Assembly of God’s chosen people, we exist in tension between being and becoming. We are called to find the right balance between being and becoming. We are called to find the right balance between “being” Orthodox Christians and becoming more fully, truly and perfectly Orthodox Christians.

The process of genuine transformation is both external and internal, without true transfiguration of the soul nothing externally altered will be long lasting. To make long lasting progress in the Christian life we must put in effort. We must strive in order to make progress, and when progress is made we find ourselves in a new place, with a renewed depth and clarity, we must then work to stabilize this progress. Doing so truly makes this who we are, and applying it to every aspect and moment of our life as best we can to solidify and securely stand our ground, prior to making efforts to take another step.

This is the balance of being and becoming climbing to the next level by first seeing that we have a good foundation to push off from, and a solid place to land, and stabilize ourselves in the firm hands of Christ. The constant process of renewal and deepening of our spiritual, physical, emotional, relational well-being. In perfecting ourselves, we make ourselves more acceptable for God and His people. Maintaining and strengthening our relationship with God, and if it is at the moment non-existent then establishing one with Him begins with humility in prayer and in reading of scripture, regular liturgical participation and confession.

These are the gifts, the tools and the means that have been provided to us for the healing of our souls and bodies, for the renewal of humanity and creation itself, one person, one step, and one moment at a time. With the start of Lent we have a fresh opportunity to begin this process of transformation anew. With the duration and close of Lent we have the opportunity to stabilize our progress and together celebrate Christ’s victory over death, and humanities freedom from his clutches.

Χριστος Ανεστη! Christ is Risen!

+ Rev Ioannis (Yanni) Michaelidis, Assistant Pastor

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