Pascha 2012

by: Rev. Christopher P. Foustoukos Proistamenos

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Pascha is the feast of feasts. The light has prevailed. Death is overcome. The clear sky gently envelops the earth. Our frail hearts can hardly contain the flow of life seeking to transform our pain into joy, to reduce our bitter defeats and failures to laughable, insignificant trivialities.

Christ has descended to the abyss of death, so that we may ascend to eternal life in His presence. The New Adam has redeemed the fallen creation with a second recreation of the world, forcing life to emanate from death. Yesterday, we were fallen and today we rise. We were divided, and now we are one. We are one with creation, one with the world, one with Him. We were broken to pieces, and Pascha 2012 now we have become whole. Whole with each other, vibrating with life in our oneness with all. We hated, and now we love. We despaired in our solitude, and now we rejoice in the fellowship of love. The distorted shattered image of ourselves has been restored to its original icon, pulsating with the bright colors of life. Christ is risen, and our fears are drowned in the miracle of new life. Christ is risen, and we are infatuated with bliss. Christ is risen, and we have reclaimed our dead among the living. Let us embrace one another and remain forever united in His Life and Love.

My heartfelt gratitude to Father Kerry, the chanters, members of the Parish Council, the Philoptochos, Men’s Club, PTA, the youth of our parish, the many generous parishioners who made donations so that we could solemnly celebrate the joyous feast of Christ’s Resurrection and all the faithful who attended the many services of Great Lent and Pascha....may the risen Christ bless you and your families with love, joy, peace and good health... Christ is Risen!

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