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Priestly Ministry

Fr. Christopher Foustoukos ; Presiding Priest, Fr. Ioannis (Yanni) Michaelidis, Assistant Priest are available to parishioners on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis. In addition to regular hospital and nursing home calls, house visits to share the sacraments with the home-bound, church services and regular office hours, priests are available by appointment for special services such as house blessings.

Members of our parish are encouraged to seek out a priest whenever they are experiencing any personal or family difficulties, have questions, or need some service or help. When needed, our priests also have access to a wealth of professional referrals which can be utilized in the resolution of problems and issues of a more intense nature.

We also remind our parishioners that our church office is served by a professional answering service. If a priest is needed on an emergency basis, always call the church office. If it is not during regular office hours, the answering ser-vice will promptly take your message and notify the priest on call, should that be necessary.