St. Vasilios (St. Basil the Great) General Assembly

Notice of Parish General Assembly for St Vasilios (St Basil the Great) Greek Orthodox Church   

The Spring General Assembly will be held on Monday, May 15, 2017 at 7 p.m.  in the Educational Center.  All members in good standing are invited to attend and vote.  The agenda will be as follows:

  1.  Call to Order
  2.  Prayer
  3. Election of Chairperson of the General Assembly
  4. Approval of minutes from November 2016
  5. President’s Report
  6. Priest’s Report
  7. Financial Report
  8. Stewardship Update
  9. Continuing  Business
    1. Accessibility Projects update
  10. New BusinessVote for Endowment Grant
    1. Investment Committee Update
      1. Ratification of New Investment Committee Member
      2. Endowment Fund Grant Calculations and Recommendations
      3. Scholarship and Lalikos Calculations and update        
    2. Accessibility Continued
      1. Future Accessibility options and Needs Assessment
      2. Fundraising and Financing Update
  11. Adjournment

The Minutes from the November 2016 are now available in the Church Office.  All other meeting handouts will be available at the Church Office by May 4, 2017. We will no longer post our confidential information on our church website.  If a quorum is not met (25 members in good standing) the meeting will be held on Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 7 pm with a quorum constituting only 10 members in good standing. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Dionisios Pissios       Stephen Stephanides      Rev. Christopher P. Foustoukos

   PC Secretary                 PC President                      Presiding Priest




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